Company Profile

Superior Steel Overseas was established in 1999. We are ISO 9001:2008 firm and an AD 2000/PED approved manufacturer, having a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility for having smooth production process. It has successfully grown by focusing on serving customers across a range of high technology industries. One of Superior Steel Overseas’s key strengths is its people, with many colleagues having been with the company from the beginning. This provides our customers with the benefit of a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. Superior Steel Overseas now has the whole of manufactured products to add to its already large range of High Performance Nickel Alloys.As part of Superior Steel Overseas adhere to the group’s high standards of integrity and compliance required, including: About

  • Environmental standards
  • Health & Safety standards
  • Ethical trading standards
  • Export compliance requirements

As part of Superior Steel Overseas, now stock and have direct access to a wide range of other materials, including stainless steels and nickel alloys. Notably this range includes many AMS specifications.We supply and process sheet,coil, plate and strip to a number of key industry sectors, working with both small businesses and large international manufacturers across various countries. Owing to our reputation for quality, and reliability alongside industry approvals, we are well reputed supplier across a wide range of sectors.We deliver long-term tangible benefits which enable our customers to compete in today’s challenging global market place.

In order to achieve our goals, we are improving our facilities and expanding out machinery to offer broader processing capabilities. Equally, our investment extends to our most valuable resource, the growth and development of our teams. We want our customers to receive the best experience and trust in the expertise, knowledge and experience of our teams.We continue to look to the future, with our core values guiding our decisions and actions. Whilst we have an impressive existing operation, we continue to invest a considerable amount of capital ensuring the expansion of the Superior Steel Overseas. We can also adapt our stock profile for customers needing regular orders of the same material, ensuring a consistent supply. As a result, our customers can achieve their lean manufacturing goals.

Production Capabilities

Lean manufacturing is a priority for businesses across all sectors. We have a skilled and highly qualified production team, offering a full range of high standard and efficient metal processing. Our customers benefit from the experience of our multilingual team that can answer both technical and commercial questions and many of our employees have been with us over 19 years. This includes: Cut to Lengt,De-Coiling, Traverse Winding, Slitting and Shearing, and Edge Dressing. As a result of our fast turnaround times , you can minimse your downtime and maximise your production runs.

We offer a comprehensive range of Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloys, Duplex & Super Duplex Steel.We tailor our business to your needs. Whether you are looking for large volumes of metal or test materials for prototypes and trials, we can provide your material with the specifications you need, and a cost that does not compromise on quality. We have established exclusive agreements with a number of mills to offer specialist and bespoke metals in addition to of an impressive standard metal stocksrange. You can benefit from our fast turnaround times and bespoke processing to keep your production costs and times efficient. Find out more about Our Products.With a firm commitment to skills development, many of our team have worked across a number of roles within the business. As our team continues to progress in both their knowledge and experience within the metals industry, their successes have driven our business to expand. It is no secret that our team are an invaluable resource to both us and our loyal customer base.


We employees work together to achieve continuous growth and development of a sustainable business. Our aim to be the supplier of choice for local and global manufacturers, by providing high quality materials, processing, and ensuring superior customer service through experience and innovation.


To achieve our company’s mission we have set the following goals


By working effectively together to share, build and develop knowledge, skills and talent, we cultivate a motivational ethos and confident team. As a result we have a positive and safe working environment with open and honest communication, able to consistently deliver the best in customer service.


We will continue to build mutually successful business relationships with our customers and suppliers through building upon trust and identifying opportunities for efficiency and innovation. We will listen to our partners, reflecting and work together to develop and improve our strategies and strengthen our relationships.


We will all commit to working efficiently and effectively, using best practice initiatives to find more efficient ways of working.


We will source the highest quality products and provide the most cost effective engineered solutions, without compromising our company’s aims, beliefs or ethical standards.


We will act with responsibility and respect towards the environment. We will minimise negative impacts through lowering energy consumption and minimising waste.


Through using highly effective management practices and business strategies, we will maximise long-term returns