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Monel Plate Suppliers

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Monel Plate Stockist, Monel Sheet, Monel Alloy Polished Plate, Monel Shim Stock, Monel plate price in India, AMS 4544 Monel Alloy annealed strip, Monel cold rolled plate distributor in Mumbai, Monel Coil Suppliers in India


Monel Plate, Sheet, Strips & Coils

Monel Plates made by Nickel-Copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of acidic and alkaline environments and especially suitable for reducing conditions.Monel Plate has some outstanding features to offer such as durable, fine finish, accurate dimensions and so on.Monel Plate supplied by us are accepted by clients in various spheres of the industries ranging from basic industries such as Sugar, Paper, Textile, Dairy, Engineering to more complex such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertilizers, Power Generation and Nuclear Industries. Monel Coil have excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of acidic & alkaline environments.Unlike carbon steel, Monel Alloy Plates does not rust when exposed to air and moisture due to the sufficient amount of chromium present. Due to its high performance, 

Monel Sheet: If a piece of metal has been rolled out to a thickness greater than that of a foil, but is still less than 6mm it is called sheet.

Monel Shim Sheet: A shim is thin and often tapered or wedged piece of metal. Shim Sheet is used to fill small gaps or spaces between objects. Sheet Shims are typically used in order to support, adjust for better fit, or provide a level surface.

Monel Rolled Sheet Coil: Sheet Coils are flat products wound into rolls and having a rectangular cross-section, the width of which is much larger than the thickness. Hot Rolled Sheet Coil is produced from semifinished products (slabs or billets), which are reduced to certain thicknesses by rolling and annealing and wound into a roll. Cold Rolled Sheet Coil is produced by removing rust from a hot-rolled sheet by “pickling” it in a weak acid solution, then washing, brushing, drying, oiling and unrolling the sheet and finally performing cold-rolling by passing the sheet through a reducing mill under pressure and winding it into a roll. Cold-rolled steel Coil is a more highly finished product and has a smoother surface, greater dimensional accuracy (thickness, width, length) and greater strength.

Monel Rolled Sheet Strips: Sheet Strip is a flat product which, immediately after the final rolling pass or after pickling or continuous annealing is wound into laps so as to form a coil. Strip of Sheet as rolled has slightly convex edges, but it may also be supplied with sheared edges or slit from a wider strip. Wide Strip is a strip of a width 600 mm or over, Whereas, Narrow Strip is a strip of a width less than 600 mm.

Monel Plate: Once the metal is more than 6mm thick it is known as plate metal. This type of material is used in circumstances whereby strength and durability are of the utmost importance.

Monel Diamond Plate: Diamond plate, also known as a chequered plate, thread plate and floor plate, is a type of metal designed with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines on one side, with the reverse side being featureless. Diamond plate is usually stainless steel or alloy.

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